Recipient of the Consumer's Choice Award Duct Cleaner of the Year 2020

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Pro-tech Carpet & Duct Cleaning can provide all your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs. Whether there's just a few small spots or heavily soiled traffic areas, we'll not only clean but we'll add disinfectant and apply stain guard at no extra charge in our house package.
Pet "accidents" and other spills can seep down into the underlay causing mold and odors. With our injection method, we can almost always solve this problem.
We do not charge for stain removal unless it takes an extended amount of time and/or product.

We Include: Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Stain Guard and Enzyme Treatment at no extra charge in our house package.

We offer a two-stage cleaning process to remove soap residue.

We pre-spray wall-to-wall, not just the high-traffic areas

Upholstery Cleaning Service

The oils from our skin, hair and animals can leave a residue on furniture, especially noticeable on arms, seats and headrests. This residue acts like glue, trapping dust and soil particles, slowly discoloring your favorite chair. Over time the fabric can also have wear areas, we can reduce the cleaning pressure to take extra care in cleaning your favorite chair or sofa.

Duct Cleaning Service

Taking care of ourselves and our children is not just eating healthy, exercising and proper sleep. What about the quality of air we breathe in our home?
Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Maybe so but your family is still breathing that air.
Dust, dirt and debris can fall or be swept into your heat vents. Toys, candy, pet food and spilled drinks can end up down there. Return vents continually draw dust and odors through your duct system and loose vent covers can let larger items in.
Pro-Tech Carpet & Duct Cleaning inserts a high-pressure octopus whip in each vent to remove dust and debris from your duct walls and extract through our suction hose at the point of contact. We will clean your main heat and return runs, your furnace and we can disinfect the whole system with our fogger.
Change your filter regularly and mark the date on it.
Is it hard to remove your filter? Try putting a small screw in the end of your filter to make it easier to pull out next time.
Residential, commercial, RV and mobile home duct cleaning available.


Winnipeg, MB Phone  204-226-1303 or email

"Trust your family's cleaning to our family's care"